Just as I passed the 86,000km mark in my otherwise trouble-free Micra, the check engine light came on. It was rather unceremonious; the car didn’t do anything dramatic, I just looked down to check my speed and noticed that the light was on. I got home and plugged in my code reader (something I needed with my Pontiac and never thought I’d use on my Micra), and found out what the problem was.

Checking codes with my code reader

P0075 means that there’s something wrong with the camshaft timing oil control solenoid valve. I didn’t know exactly where it was on my engine, so I disconnected the wire from what I thought it was, started the car, then checked for any new codes. If no new codes showed up, then I found it. If I got another code, then I note what was disconnected with that code, reconnect it, then move on. Lucky for me, I got it on the first try. It’s located here:

Location of the Camshaft Timing Oil Control Solenoid Valve
Location of the Camshaft Timing Oil Control Solenoid Valve

It’s held onto the side of the engine with a single 8mm bolt located just below the solenoid valve; I found an 8mm deep socket was perfect for reaching it.

The Camshaft Timing Oil Control Solenoid Valve removed
The Camshaft Timing Oil Control Solenoid Valve removed

I removed it from the engine and blasted it with WD-40. After doing a thorough cleaning with WD-40, I put it back in, reconnected it, cleared the codes, and started the car back up. The check engine light didn’t come back on.

This part is exactly the same as found in the 1.6L Nissan Versa, and could probably be purchased inexpensively from a scrap yard. Another alternative would be to purchase a refurbished one from overseas. However, mine seems to work fine after the WD-40 cleaning. I hope all my repairs will be this simple!

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