Micra: Escape capsule to Florida

There’s nowhere a Micra can’t take you, as long as there’s a road. Our 2015 trip to Florida for Christmas demonstrated how capable this car really is. When I had my original 1990 Micra, a road trip from Ontario to Florida was an item on my bucket list. When I got married in the mid-90’s, the plan was to drive down to Florida in my Micra for our honeymoon. At the last minute, we decided that, since Sally’s Chevrolet Cavalier had air conditioning and the Micra was in need of new tires and brakes, the Cavalier would be a better choice. Ever since then, air conditioning and cruise control were priority options on my cars. Now that I own a Micra with these options, it’s time to put these rumors of “Just a city car” to the test.

Pack light

Packing light has its own benefits, but when it comes to the Micra, it’s an imperative if you want more than two people to travel in this car. For two people only, fold down the back seat and there’s more than enough room to pack everything and anything. Once you have people in the back seat (I recommend no more than two back there for a road trip in spite of the middle seat belt), you’ll want all of your luggage to fit in the trunk.

Fortunately, the trunk of the Micra is perfectly engineered to contain everything up to four people would need for a trip to Florida: Two full sized suitcases, and two medium sized duffel bags. I also packed around two dozen bottles of water in and around the trunk.

All packed up for the trip!

In order to make the luggage fit, I had to remove the trunk shelf, put everything in, and then put the shelf back in. I had to leave the cords that pull the shelf up down so it wouldn’t rise with the hatch, because the luggage didn’t leave enough room for it to open. Had I not used the shelf, I could have fit even more in the trunk; but since one of my duffel bags was actually a large camera gear bag, I opted to keep the shelf in to hide my camera gear. After this trip, I think that I might let my smartphone capture all the video and photographs, and just leave the privacy shelf out.

5th gear all the way!

We punched in Cocoa Beach to Google Maps, and set off on our adventure! We left the snow tires on, as there was plenty of snow to contend with as we drove through New York State and Pennsylvania.

Lunch time!

As we ascended into the mountains of West Virginia, cruise control in 5th gear kept us in pace with the flow of traffic easily without downshifting, providing more than adequate power pulling myself, my wife, my six foot son, and our luggage up into the clouds. When it was time to come down from the mountains in Virginia, that same 5th gear kept our speed in check without needing to apply the brakes. During this journey, we realized exceptional fuel economy, given the circumstances. Seeing the weather change for the better before our eyes was very uplifting for all of us!

Dinner time!
It’s a wonderful life.
Lunch on day 2 on the drive down!
Made it to Florida in a Canadian Micra!

Cocoa beach in Florida at Christmas time is really the right thing to do. They really do go all out with the decorating and celebrating, complete with Surfing Santa’s flying down from the sky and surfing in the ocean.

Our trip to Florida was all about the space coast, so it was no wonder that we spent our first night at La Quinta, Florida, the astronaut motel. A lot of history to be experienced here, for sure!

First Canadian 2015 Micra parked next to a palm tree. 🙂

Of course, we could not go to Cocoa Beach without visiting the Kennedy Space Center, and with the money we saved on gas coming down, we could easily afford a day for the three of us at this historic place. They really do celebrate Christmas, including an evening Christmas-themed light show. This is a must-see for anyone who loves Christmas.

The people of Cocoa Beach really do go all out at Christmas time. It really is a wonderful place to spend the holidays, especially with the surfing Santa‘s flying out of the sky and then surfing in the ocean. The Christmas culture at Cocoa beach is really amazing. 🙂

Of course, no road trip to Florida would be complete without driving on the historic Daytona Beach. 🙂

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