Micra Fame

Turns out the K10 Micra has made some appearances on the Canadian television show, Trailer Park Boys.

I first noticed it in the opening credits; though I was never 100% sure it was a Micra, I was reasonably certain it was, seen towards the center of the left hand side.

Trailer Park Boys opening credits
Trailer Park Boys opening credits

Then, in Season 4 episode 4, entitled, “The Green Bastard,” we see what I assume is the same Micra:

Micra in season 4, episode 4 of TPB
Micra in season 4, episode 4 of TPB

We don’t actually see either of these two cars running, so I would presume the Micra was in non-running condition. When Ricky jumped up on one of these cars to urinate, he chose the Mercury. Sadly, both the Micra and the Mercury get demolished towards the end of this episode.

A sad day for this Micra
A sad day for this Micra

Ah, but that wasn’t the end of this Micra; it reappeared in the same junkyard Ricky’s dad was living in in the episode, “Give me my F**king money…” Season 6, episode 6:

Ricky's Micra
Ricky’s Micra

That was in 2006. I would have liked to have seen this car incorporated into the story line more, but as Ricky’s dad would say, that’s the way she goes.


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