Fuel economy: computer vs. real world

There is no doubt that my Micra delivers excellent fuel economy. Filling the tank from empty costs less than $50, even when the price of gas soars, and yet I can drive a lot before I need to fill up. Last time, I drove around 600km before I had to fill the tank.


How far I can really go on a tank of gas depends on various factors, but I’m not afraid to use the air conditioning when I want to. On my last tank, I had two other adults in the car besides me with a full boot. My car’s computer told me I was getting 5.5L/100km, but Fuelly told me different: 6L/100km doing the full-tank-to-full-tank distance traveled calculation. I still consider that phenomenal fuel economy all things considered, but, based on my experience, the Micra’s fuel economy computer is optimistic by roughly 0.5L/100km. That translates to roughly 4.3 miles per imperial gallon, or 3.5 miles per US gallon.


This has been fairly consistent; when my car reported 5.8L/100km, Fuelly reported 6.3L/100km. Looks like something for Nissan to tweak to bring the Micra that much closer to perfection.

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