More 2014 Auto Show goodness

There were a total of four Micra’s at the 2014 Toronto auto show. You’ve already seen the red factory stock Micra in a previous blog post; now I’ll present the three “Show” Micras:

White Micra with roof racks
White Micra with roof racks

Roof racks look so good on a Micra, and with the money we save with the Micra, we can afford hobbies like skiing and snowboarding. White with red accents also looks nice.

Blue Micra
Blue Micra

I’m not sure what to make of this Micra. Nothing against anyone’s personal tastes, but white accents on blue just doesn’t do it for me. Ditto black wheels on a blue car. However, it is a Micra, and the more the better.

Red with custom vinyl
Red with custom vinyl

Micra’s look great in red and silver. This one combines both with a custom vinyl job for the silver. Personally, I’d put the black wheels from the blue Micra on this one, and these grey wheels on the blue Micra. Then I’d change the white accents on the blue Micra to grey. Interesting that this car featured a back-up camera.

The Nissan Micra was also the feature car in Nissan Canada’s 2014/2015 new cars and trucks brochure. Opened to the first page, it features a two page spread dedicated to the Micra:

Spread in the brochure
Spread in the brochure

Turn the page, and the Micra is featured again:

Micra brochure feature
Micra brochure feature

The Micra even had its own swag at the show: A little cleaner pad for my cell phone, stuck on a feature card:

Some swag...
Some swag…
...with a smart phone cleaning pad
…with a smart phone cleaning pad

Yes, I think the Micra was the star of the show. Shame I have to wait so long before I can order mine.






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3 thoughts on “More 2014 Auto Show goodness”

  1. Hey Paul. I really like your web site dedicated to the Nissan Micra. I myself own one and am really happy with it. Glad to hear Nissan brings them over in Canada. Yeah, the white one is the winner. So manual or auto, which one are you opting for ?

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m personally going for the stick shift, but my wife thinks she might prefer the automatic, so we might have to get two of them.

  2. One of each, way to go! 🙂 I’ve got a manual. I wanted an automatic (CVT here in Norway) though. Mine is the pre-facelift 2010 1.2 L version. Seems like the Canadian version is a bit of a mix of the pre and post facelift design. The hatch is the same as on the 2010-2013 models and the head lights, grille and the bumpers are from 2013. Anyway, a good looking and an easy to drive vehicle. Look forward to reading about your impressions and experience with it once you get it..

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