2015 Micra headlight change

Last week, the passenger side headlight burned out on the low beam side. While this might seem premature (I’ve had the vehicle for less than a year), consider that I’ve put on around 35,000km on the car, and most of that driving has been with the headlights on due to the fact that I generally drive to work before the sun goes up, and always have the headlights on when it’s raining, snowing, or foggy…and we got a ton of snow this year. It’s a wear-and-tear item.

On my previous car, a Grand Am GT, the headlight change was a bit of an ordeal that required removal of the entire headlight assembly and typically the replacement of a plastic ring. On the Micra, the headlight change is remarkably easy. Things I liked about Nissan’s design over what I had before:

  • Steel retainer ring is much less likely to break than a plastic screw-on ring
  • Easily accessible without needing to remove anything
  • Smaller light inside headlight housing illuminates headlight assembly after headlight has burned out

And so, with no further ado, my video on changing the headlight on the 2015 Nissan Micra:

Part number 9003, or H4.

New wheels

Today was the first real nice above zero day this year; a reprieve of a terrible winter with sub-zero temperatures in the double digits and a ruthless onslaught of snow. It was warm enough to hand-wash my Micra, and, I decided, warm enough to put the all-seasons back on. I had the snow tires mounted on the stock steelies, deciding to have the factory all-seasons mounted on 15-inch alloys.

IMGP5937I started my search at Midway Nissan, who had, on hand, one set of black and chrome alloys with “Fast” emblazoned in the middle. Too dark, I wanted bright silver to better match my car; and, more importantly, I’m not going to falsely advertise this car as fast. Quick maybe, at best, but certainly far from fast.

The man at the parts counter was honest; they wouldn’t be getting any other alloys in for another couple of months, and directed me to a place in my own back yard: Taunton Tires.

IMGP5941I wanted to stick with a 15 inch rim for two reasons: One, 15 inch tires are less expensive than 16 inch tires for this car. Two has to do with aesthetics: The gap between the edge of the rotor and the inside of the wheel well should not exceed the radius of the rotor that is showing beyond the hub of the wheel. Sorry, SR owners; it’s nothing personal, and purely subjective to my own personal tastes. I am thinking that a thicker sidewall on the tire would fill the arch a lot nicer.

IMGP5940The curves of the spokes, divided with lines, ties in to the contours of the body of this car, working much better, aesthetically speaking, with the overall flow of the design of this car than do the SR rims. The 5 spoke design ties somewhat resembles the hubcaps of my original Micra. Then there’s the brilliant silver colour: Understated, tasteful, and classy.

IMGP5938The people at Taunton Tire went the extra mile, spraying the callipers and drums with black paint to make everything look better. All for $519.80, with my factory rubber installed. Excellent value.