My Micra visits Bancroft, Ontario

This past weekend, we filled the tank, loaded up my Micra, and left Oshawa to visit family in Bancroft, Ontario.

At the base of Eagle's Nest mountain
At the base of Eagle’s Nest mountain

After climbing to the top of Eagle’s Nest in my Micra, we continued on a little further to Bird’s Creek. The next day, we went to Peterborough for a family reunion.

My Micra climbed Eagle's Nest mountain!
My Micra climbed Eagle’s Nest mountain!

When I got home, I still had plenty of gas left in the tank to drive to work the next day. Work involved an early morning drive to Concord, Ontario, followed by a trip from there to Woodbridge, Ontario, then a return trip home from Woodbridge back to Oshawa, where my fuel gauge finally registered empty and needed 35L of gas to show full again.

It’s quite amazing that a mere $46 worth of gas in this day and age would cover a weekend road trip for a family of three with all our stuff, and still cover a long distance commute both ways Monday morning.

Fuel economy: computer vs. real world

There is no doubt that my Micra delivers excellent fuel economy. Filling the tank from empty costs less than $50, even when the price of gas soars, and yet I can drive a lot before I need to fill up. Last time, I drove around 600km before I had to fill the tank.


How far I can really go on a tank of gas depends on various factors, but I’m not afraid to use the air conditioning when I want to. On my last tank, I had two other adults in the car besides me with a full boot. My car’s computer told me I was getting 5.5L/100km, but Fuelly told me different: 6L/100km doing the full-tank-to-full-tank distance traveled calculation. I still consider that phenomenal fuel economy all things considered, but, based on my experience, the Micra’s fuel economy computer is optimistic by roughly 0.5L/100km. That translates to roughly 4.3 miles per imperial gallon, or 3.5 miles per US gallon.


This has been fairly consistent; when my car reported 5.8L/100km, Fuelly reported 6.3L/100km. Looks like something for Nissan to tweak to bring the Micra that much closer to perfection.